Our approach is based on an integrated design strategy that can minimize negative environmental impacts by imitating models derived from natural ecosystems. Using native plants, smart irrigation technology, and eco-friendly materials + practices, we work to build, restore, and maintain landscapes for people to enjoy.

Working with our Design Team, our Clients receive recommendations that will transform their site into a beautiful, functional outdoor space. Site-specific, durable landscape components are utilized to create a project that addresses the user’s needs and goals.

Formed concrete water feature + modern steel grate + concrete slab outdoor seating + brick paver patio + corten planter + granite boulder + river rock water feature


We offer ‘big picture’ land-use planning - emphasizing utilitarian, functional ideas based on a broad analysis of the Client’s design goals and site opportunities. 

This ‘first phase’ of design uses a loose, narrative design structure to shape outdoor spaces, situate buildings on the land, and portray landscape improvements. A free flow of ideas allows the project to ‘come together’ informally before moving to more advanced stages of design.


Our most popular design service. Specific site features and a refined materials palette combine to define the scope and layout of the project.

Clear boundaries are established: areas of sun and shade, hardscape and landscape, work and play take shape. Relationships between indoor and outdoor spaces are fine-tuned. A design style is identified, and an installation budget is developed


This ‘final’ design sees construction plans, fabrication details, and installation documents completed as the project becomes ‘build ready’.

Developed layouts of hardscape, irrigation, planting, and lighting; metal fabrication, outdoor carpentry, and furniture. These final documents allow our team of experts to implement projects according to a Client’s budget and schedule.

local rock terrace system with native deer resistant perennials